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                Index>>Scenic Spot
                Meihua Mountain Scenery Spot

                Meihua Mountain Scenery Spot was constructed in 2015 and with a planning area of 30.98 sqkm. It was listed as a national AAAA tourist resort in 2017 (provincial tourist resort). Main attractions include the ski field and Meihua plateau (literally, plum blossom). The place attracted visitors most is the ski field. As a major site for winter tourism in southern China, Meihua Mountain International Ski Resort has successfully held many large-scale events such as Guizhou geo-tourism activities, Southwest China Ski Industry Development Summit, and the opening ceremony of the first ski festival in Guizhou. With the continuous development of the tourism market, it is planned to enrich the service list in perspectives of tourist vehicle management, outdoor exploration base setting, garden wedding planning, and spa spot by promoting featured services such as grass skiing, glass bridge and themed hotel, to meet the growing consumer demand of tourists.

                Tel: 0858-6800123 or 400-9009992

                Address: Shuangga Village, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City

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