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                Index>>Scenic Spot
                Wumeng Prairie Scenery Spot

                Wumeng Prairie Scenery Spot was constructed in 2015 and with a planning area of 55.5 sqkm. It was listed as a national AAAA tourist resort in 2018 (provincial tourist resort). Main attractions include the Changhaizi Tianchi (literally, heavenly lake), ski field, Youyouran Chalet Hotel, and terrace for worship Buddha. The place attracted visitors most is the trail surrounded by sea of flowers in the high hill, with a 100,000-acre colorful rhododendron simsii in bloom drawing tourists. Recreational programs such as skiing, playing with snow, grass skiing, dry-land skiing and drifting in air. With the continuous development of the tourism market, it is planned to enrich the service list in perspectives of entertainment, leisure vacation, and folk cultural integration by promoting featured services such as mountain fitness and parasailing, to meet the growing consumer demand of tourists.

                Tel: 0858-8130888

                Address: Pingdi Village, Pan County, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province

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