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                Index>>Scenic Spot
                Zangke River Scenery Spot

                Zangke River Scenery Spot was constructed in 2013 and with a planning area of 87.48 sqkm. It was listed as a national AAAA tourist resort and a provincial tourist resort in 2019. Main attractions include the Yelang Fudi Cultural Exhibition Center, Yunshang Zangke (literally, Zangke high in the sky), and multi-gradient training base. The most frequently visited is the natural scenery along Zangke Lake, where tourists can enjoy the lush mountains, various cliffs, caves, peak forests, woods, rosy clouds and many other splendid wonders. With the continuous development of the tourism market, it is planned to enrich the service list in perspectives of fruit picking and sightseeing, sports training, and low-altitude flying base construction by promoting featured services such as sports-tourism integration and agriculture-tourism integration, to meet the growing consumer demand of tourists.

                Tel: 0858-5555586

                Address: 4F, Government Affairs Service Center, Jiaotong Road, Liuzhi Special District

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