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                Index>>Scenic Spot
                Dala Fairy Valley Scenery Spot

                Dala Fairy Valley Scenery Spot was constructed in 2013 and with a planning area of 11 sqkm. It was listed as a national AAAA tourist resort in 2016 (provincial tourist resort). Main attractions include the Dala Lakeside Garden Hotel, Karst Agricultural Technology Demonstration Garden, and colorful flower field. The most frequently visited is the colorful flower field. Through integration with multiple sectors, an industrial line of health resort and parenting educational trips is established. With the continuous development of the tourism market, it is planned to enrich the service list in perspectives of eco-development of agriculture and flowers, and in-depth layout in markets targeting seniors and parent-child by promoting featured services such as Dala Fairy Lake health preservation garden and floral vacation complex, to meet the growing consumer demand of tourists.

                Tel: 0858-3129996

                Address: Yanjiao Village, Lianghe Sub-District, Panzhou City, Guizhou Province

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