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                Index>>Scenic Spot
                Niangniang Mountain Scenery Spot

                Niangniang Mountain Scenery Spot was constructed in 2013 and with a planning area of 275 sqkm. It was listed as a national AAAA tourist resort in 2017 (provincial tourist resort). Main attractions include the waterfalls, Jiangyuan Cave, 27-turn road, natural bridge, peak forests, and agricultural sightseeing. Those attracted visitors most include the natural scenery, spa, folk culture and the modest and friendly local people. With the continuous development of the tourism market, it is planned to enrich the service list in perspectives of travel, shopping and entertainment by promoting featured services such as tribes, wetland popularization, spa, and health preservation in forests, to meet the growing consumer demand of tourists.

                Tel: 0858-3559986

                Address: Shepeng Village, Pugu, Panzhou City, Guizhou Province

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